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Agents everywhere agree:

Critical illness and accident insurance sales have long been a great way for our agents to double their income. The policies are easy to sell and are an important part of a family keeping their out of pocket medical expenses and their major med premiums low. I should know - not only have I helped hundreds of agents earn tens of thousands of dollars by working with JR and Jim but I have been a policy holder for years.” — Josh H.

I have been working with you and your team for years. I have always been a huge advocate of your products but since ACA has started CBL & VBA have been a huge part of our business. We continue to help our clients with their major medical needs but have helped our clients and of course our commissions by using ancillaries that fill the holes in their major medical plans. Thanks for doing what you do!!!” — Jeremy B.

Managing a team of 20 agents, I can't tell you how important it has been for us to be selling ancillary health insurance products through CBS. The turmoil levied upon our industry with the implementation of the ACA wreaked havoc on us and the one constant was our ability to sell CBS ancillary plans. Not only have we substantially supplemented our current earnings but we've also built a sizable residual income as well. With clients dropping, losing, and changing their major medical plans, one steady constant has been the persistency of our CBS ancillary policies. If you're not selling these plans, you're missing a great opportunity. — Scott R.

We have been working with J.R. and his family since 2003. We have always been a big fan of CBS and their critical illness plan however when Obamacare was launched we took our sales to a whole new level. We realized that we needed to supplement our income. We took a simple approach and added a CBS with each clients' major medical policy. It was inexpensive and typically only added $25 to the clients premium. It did 2 things, 1 gave the client additional protection & 2 gave us additional commissions. We easily have added an additional $8,000 to $10,000 a month. The product sells itself and is a must have for any insurance agent.” — Natalie S.

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