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Find the Best GLIB Rider for your Clients

Introducing AnnuityRateWatch GLIB Calculatorthe most comprehensive search tool available. This web app analyzes over 1,200 annuity products plus 100+ riders to find the highest income payout for your client.

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The GLIB Calculator works in 3 simple steps.

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    Enter the annuitant's age, premium, state of residence and year they would like to begin their retirement income.

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    The web app calculates all the possible combinations from the hundreds of products and riders in detail.

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    You get "Payout by Age" and "Detailed Ledger" PDF reports outlining a complete income scenario including, associated costs and deferral impact.

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Features: Compare many riders, side-by-side, and more!

You get full access to 1,200+ annuity products from over 80 carriers, plus:

  • Annuity search engine with over 20+ filters
  • Insight Illustration System®: FIA Hypothetical Illustrations
  • GLIB Rider Quoting Engine
  • SPIA Quoting Engine: Quotes direct from the carriers
  • New Business Forms

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Pricing: Start comparing now.

Our quoting tools are available to AnnuityRateWatch subscribers only. Not a subscriber? Join today!

  • $9.95 3-Day Trial
  • $29.95 Per Month
  • $299.95 Per Year
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Subscriptions are for a single user only and include 20 illustrations per month. Each additional illustration is $0.50. In addition, the GLIB Rider Quoting Engine provides 3 FREE Quotes, additional quotes are $2.50 each.

SPIA Quoting will be an additional charge on a per-run basis, but is currently available at no charge.